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Why Tire Service Is So Essential

Sometimes we can under-appreciate a functional set of tires until a problem arises. Regular tire maintenance can help you prevent issues that can pose threats to your driving safety.

Drivers need to have an awareness that underinflated tires can present driving risks. Low tire pressure is going to impact your roadway handling in key areas like braking and traction.

Don’t let this get you down. Crown Subaru is happy to offer drivers the ability to access hassle-free tire maintenance. Our dealership’s service center employs Certified Factory Trained Teams that supply exceptional on-demand service.

Many drivers postpone their car’s tire maintenance when the process seems like excessive work. Crown Subaru website allows you to streamline your ability to set tire maintenance appointments with our Schedule Service page. You’ll always be first in line when you utilize our online booking system for service appointments.

Do you want to learn more about how you can care for your Subaru tires? Then, keep reading to gain insight on different tire services and their abilities to keep you and your passengers safe.

Different Available Subaru Tire Services

Wheel alignment plays a vital role in a car’s functionality. Misaligned tires can wear out prematurely and cause driving hazards. Telltale signs of misaligned tires include tires that contain a rough or torn appearance and cars that pull to one side. It’s helpful to note that misaligned tire wear and tear will occur at a variable rate.

Poor tread on worn-down misaligned tires reduces your car’s braking capabilities. Reduced braking levels prove especially dangerous during inclement weather scenarios. Crown Subaru Factory Trained Teams can evaluate your car to determine if there’s a need to realign your wheels. Our Factory Trained Teams experience and expertise help you meet your car’s proper alignment specifications.

It’s natural to wonder if there’s a difference between tire balancing and tire alignment. Balancing tires corrects uneven weight distribution, while wheel alignment involves changes to a car’s suspension. Drivers looking for tire balancing service can head over to Crown Subaru Schedule Service page for online support.

A certain percentage of drivers frequently hear about tire rotations while remaining unsure of what this service consists of. Tire rotations involve moving your car’s tires from one position to another. Regularly scheduling tire rotations will help reduce the likelihood of irregular wear and tear within your wheels for more longevity.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Car’s Tires

Knowing that it’s time to replace your tires can help you take necessary action that creates peace of mind behind the wheel.

Bald tires or tires with little to no tread are one of the more obvious signs indicating the need for tire replacement. Failing to address bald tires can lead to tire failure as tread impacts your tire’s overall driving safety. Tires with uneven wear tend to indicate misalignment or low tire pressure.

While spare tires are great short-term solutions, trouble will veer its head when you drive on a spare for too long. Standard tires offer far more durability and traction than spare tires. Do your best to quickly schedule a tire replacement at Crown Subaru when you begin driving on a spare.

Falling tire air pressure can signal a leak. Crown Subaru can fix tire leaks with a patch or a full tire replacement. The amount of damage that’s creating the leak will dictate whether or not a full replacement is necessary.

Where to Find the Right Tires for Your Subaru

Crown Subaru online Tire Center works to match your vehicle with the perfect set of tires. Quality all-season tires, summer/performance tires, and Winter tires remain a few clicks away through our dealership’s virtual Tire Center.

Is it time for a tire replacement service? You can count on Crown Subaru for professional tire mounting and balancing that brings your car’s grip and ride quality up to speed.

Receive 24 months of free tire protection with any purchase from Crown Subaru online Tire Center. This two-year complimentary tire coverage package includes tire replacement, repairs, and complimentary Subaru tire roadside assistance.

Professional Tire Service and New Tires in Chattanooga

Swing by Crown Subaru to access exceptionally priced tire products and services that check all of the right boxes. Make your next tire service appointment from the comfort of your home with Crown Subaru online Schedule Service tool. Our dealership gives you instant access to a wide range of warranty-backed tire options to ensure that your purchase is the perfect match.

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