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What is the Recommended Subaru Maintenance Schedule?

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The Recommended Subaru Maintenance Schedule

At Crown Subaru, we offer a premium assortment of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles, but we also host a state-of-the-art service center to help you maintain your Subaru. Routine vehicle maintenance is essential to ensure safety, reliability, and performance. That’s why the Certified Factory Trained Teams at our service center go above and beyond to help you determine a Subaru maintenance schedule that keeps your vehicle running in tip-top shape.

Our service team works side by side with our parts department to ensure we use only genuine OEM parts. Learn more about the recommended Subaru maintenance schedule and the importance of vehicle maintenance service when stopping in at our Subaru dealership.

The Benefits of a Subaru Maintenance Schedule

Your vehicle thrives when it undergoes regular and consistent vehicle maintenance, which makes a Subaru maintenance schedule so important. Whether you drive a 2018 Subaru, a 2019 Subaru, or a brand-new Forester, Ascent, or Outback, how you care for the vehicle matters.

The team at our Subaru dealership recommends Subaru vehicle maintenance service as recommended by the manufacturer. For most models, oil change service is necessary every 3,000 miles or three months. During this appointment, our service team will not only replace the oil and rotate the tires, but they will also inspect the tire pressure, transmission fluid, condition of the wiper blades and inspect the air filter.

Minor service is recommended every 7,500 miles while intermediate service is recommended every 15,000 miles. By the time you hit 30,000 miles, vehicle maintenance includes an inspection of all working parts, including the brake pads, fuel system, charging system, and transmission. At 60,000 miles, the Subaru maintenance schedule requires Major Service II that includes even more inspections and possibly a replacement of brake fluid, engine coolant, and spark plugs as needed.

By the time your vehicle reaches 100,000 miles, the Subaru maintenance schedule typically includes timing belt service. At each service interval, routine vehicle maintenance, such as an oil change and tire rotations are performed. You can expect premium service at each appointment when stopping in at our service center.

What to Expect With Vehicle Maintenance Service

Each time you schedule service based on your Subaru maintenance schedule, you can expect to meet personally with our Certified Factory Trained Teams. Our service center staff discuss any concerns you may have while reviewing your personal Subaru maintenance schedule. Ask any questions you may have about recommended vehicle maintenance and our team will provide you with a thorough and satisfying answer.

Our Certified Factory Trained Teams will also keep you aware of upcoming repairs or maintenance service as designated by your Subaru maintenance schedule while offering tips for how to extend the life of your vehicle. There are many benefits to staying on top of a service schedule. The obvious benefit is that your vehicle continues to run at an optimal level with maximum fuel efficiency each time our team performs an inspection and oil change service.

Oil change service helps to prevent dirt and debris from negatively impacting your fuel economy and your engine’s performance. Fluid flushes ensure that your engine’s working parts are properly lubricated and an inspection of your tire’s wear and tear can help prevent blowouts when you least expect it.

Signs That You Need Vehicle Maintenance Service

Keeping a consistent Subaru maintenance schedule can help prevent unexpected auto repairs or accidents that could raise your car insurance. However, in-between visits, there may be signs that vehicle maintenance is needed in addition to the typical Subaru maintenance schedule.

One obvious sign is when the check engine light illuminates on your vehicle’s dashboard. Our team will run a diagnostic to determine the problem and meet with you to discuss needed auto repairs. Another sign that you need maintenance service is when your fuel economy decreases. This could indicate that it's time to inspect the engine or change the oil.

What you hear while driving often indicates the need for vehicle maintenance. For instance, if you hear a screeching sound or feel vibrations on the steering wheel when you apply the brake, this could indicate that you need a brake inspection.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance Service Online

The team at our Subaru dealership is here to simplify the process of keeping a Subaru maintenance schedule. That’s why we offer convenient online service scheduling. Choose a day or time that works best with your schedule and take advantage of our monthly service specials proudly displayed on our website. Our goal is to help increase your enjoyment when driving a Subaru.

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