What Do Car Owners Need to Know About Oil Changes?

A Subaru Owner’s Easy Guide to Oil Servicing

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Every vehicle needs routine oil changes. Understanding the different types of oil changes available can help you pinpoint a service that’s tailored to your Subaru’s needs.

How Do Various Types of Oil Changes Differ From Each Other?

Crown Subaru Certified Factory Trained Teams have the knowledge and insight to know whether a synthetic, conventional, and high mileage oil change is suitable for your vehicle.

Synthetic oil is a man-made substance that contains artificially manufactured chemical compounds. Most forms of synthetic oil utilize a distilled crude oil base. A smaller percentage of synthetic oils use a base consisting of chemically modified materials.

Drivers can receive numerous perks from synthetic oil changes. One of the most significant synthetic oil perks is greater engine protection. Synthetic oils offer more durability than synthetic oil blends and conventional oil. This durability means the oil won’t break down, which translates to longer stretches of engine support.

Full synthetic oils have the distinct advantage of containing fewer impurities than conventional oils. Lower levels of pollutants lead to less engine sludge and deposit formation.

Are you looking for an engine that runs smoothly 365 days a year? Synthetic oils have the ability to resist extreme levels of heat and flow more quickly during low-temperature scenarios. Faster oil flow is a vital component of keeping turbochargers running at total capacity.

Synthetic oil blends deviate slightly from full synthetic oils. The difference between these oils lies in a synthetic blend’s mix of high quality and low quality conventional base oils or all high-quality base oils. Manufacturers creating synthetic oil blends build upon this base with a correct combination of additives that makes their final product.

Conventional oil uses refined crude oil as a base without the use of other lab-engineered products. You might be surprised to discover that conventional oil can be up to three times cheaper than full synthetic oil. A certain percentage of drivers may opt for conventional oil during their car’s first oil change for manufacturing reasons. Car assembly involves auto manufacturers using their own brand of conventional oil for their first 5,000 miles of travel. This period of time helps cars come off of the assembly line and into Crown Subaru. Drivers that select conventional oil for their car’s initial oil change can continue to season that car with a similar oil type.

High mileage oil is designed with older engines in mind. Ingredients within high mileage oils help your car’s oil remain thick for longer periods of time. Thick oil is an essential part of maintaining your engine’s components.

Time naturally causes car parts like gaskets and seals to wear down. High mileage oil contains additives that restore these parts while increasing their flexibility.

Routine Oil Change Benefits That You Won’t Want to Miss

Fast and efficient oil changes from Crown Subaru help your engine retain its performance. Sludge begins to develop over time as oil carries various forms of dirt and debris through your car’s engine. Postponing your oil change results in these fragments negatively affecting your engine’s performance and can eventually lead to overheating.

A reliable engine utilizing fresh oil will provide you with ideal levels of fuel efficiency. More gas mileage gives you cost savings and a worry-free emissions test.

Are You Wondering How Often You Should Change Your Car’s Oil?

Many modern cars have dashboard lights that signal it’s time for an oil change. Cars without these lights can integrate new oil into their engines every 5,000-7,000 miles on average. Synthetic oils will tend to require changes after every 15,000 or so miles.

Your vehicle’s factory maintenance schedule is your best bet in ensuring that your car has the fresh oil that it needs.

Subaru Oil Change Service That You Can Depend On

Streamline your oil and filter change service with the help of Crown Subaru. Our dealership strives for consistent customer satisfaction through fast and efficient oil service that’s available at a low price.

Call Crown Subaru or use our site’s Schedule Service tool today so we can take the stress out of your car’s oil changes.

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