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Safety is crucial when driving on the road, whether you’re on your own or traveling with passengers and cargo in tow. You must be able to count on your brakes to perform their best at all times to prevent accidents and other issues that can jeopardize your life and the lives of those who depend on you.

The Subaru Brake Service at Crown Subaru takes your safety seriously by ensuring your brakes are in their best condition every time you set out on the road. We have highly skilled and trained mechanics available to give you expert advice on what type of brakes to install in your vehicle. You can also count on them to provide superior service on brake assessment and testing.

Take your vehicle for a brake inspection, installation, or repairs at your convenience. Visit the Crown Subaru Dealership in Chattanooga, TN, to set up an appointment with our Service Center today!

Your Brake System in a Nutshell

Understanding what goes on in your brake system is essential so you can easily detect a problem as soon as it arises. Having that knowledge allows you to take your car to be serviced immediately and prevent costly and life-threatening accidents from happening.

So how does your car system work?

Each wheel on your car is controlled by a hydraulic system. Your front and rear wheels may either have disc or drum brakes.

There are components involved in braking. To simplify, the process starts with you stepping on the gas pedal. Your action triggers a force that will involve your brake booster to work. Hydraulic fluid then gets distributed in your wheels which creates pressure allowing your brake pads and brake rotors to act together and stop your vehicle from moving.

The brake calipers in your car would be responsible for the friction created between the brake pads and the brake rotors as soon as you step on the brake pedal.

When Do You Need Brake Replacement?

Like the rest of the essential components that run your vehicle, your braking system needs monitoring at all times. Doing so prevents a costly malfunction, compromising your safety.

You need to be aware of warning signs every time you get behind the wheel of your car.

Even if your vehicle has not reached a certain number of miles - 30,000 to 70,000 miles is the average range for most vehicles to be serviced - there are apparent indications to watch out for that tell you your car is up for a brake replacement.

Some of the indications that your braking system is deteriorating include a thinning brake pad. So if you notice that any of your brake pads are thinner by less than an inch creating unusual vibrations on your steering wheel when you’re driving, you may have to take your car to a service center for a brake pad replacement.

Other indicators include less or no pressure or grip when you step on your brake pedal. At the same time, your car steering sideways when you step on your brakes is also a red flag. Any grinding noise or shaking when you apply pressure on your brakes signifies that your braking system has been compromised.

Of course, when your vehicle does not stop as soon as you step on the brakes or your engine light comes on to warn you about your braking system, it’s time to replace the brakes and have your vehicle checked immediately.

Know More About Your Brakes

Your braking system is an integral part of your vehicle that affects your safety, and your knowledge of how it works is crucial in your day-to-day life as a driver.

Make sure you check your brake fluids regularly and perform a brake fluid flush as needed - every two years or when you reach 30,000 miles - to get rid of old fluids and replace them with new ones. Your vehicle will perform better when your brake fluids are adequately managed.

Install the proper brake pads, brake rotors, and other essential parts on your car at all times as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Take your vehicle for a brake system inspection by expert mechanics on schedule.

Consider the amount of time you spend on the road driving your vehicle versus the standard period other drivers go by when taking their cars for a brake inspection. Keep in mind, the more you use your vehicle, the more pressure there is on your braking system due to wear and tear.

Trust the Experts

Entrusting your vehicle with expert mechanics that use only premium tools to check the safety of your car is a must. Your life and those of your passengers depend on it.

At Crown Subaru, our trained and certified mechanics will ensure your vehicle does not malfunction on the road, compromising your safety, resulting in fatal accidents and costly repairs for your car.

We provide expert assessments to check the performance of your braking system, including brake fluid flushes, brake replacements, and repairs. We also advise what parts to use and other recommended maintenance checkups your vehicle needs to go through for optimum performance.

Setting up an appointment and going through the service process with our in-house Service Center is fast, easy, and stress-free. Our customer service staff is friendly, accessible, and always ready to assist.

Visit the Crown Subaru Service Center for more details on how to bring your vehicle for a brake inspection and repairs today!

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